Einer unserer Autoren

Mr. YK Kim (Seoul, Korea)

YK is working since more than 20 years as a lithium ion battery operation consultant including all materials procurement, machinery sourcing and most of all, Sales expert to European customers.

He would be able to provide customers with the most cost effective and highly reputed materials as well. He supports how to explore new customers and new markets where battery makers are all eager to develop. Key interests in R&C,ICT – CCC and other market applications (for: Initiative Pro Li-Ionen-Batterien).


Frau M. Zimmermann, Nordhausen

Frau Zimmermann, Projektmitarbeiterin, hat langjährige Erfahrung im Projektmanagement und Medien. Seit 2016 unterstützt Sie die Initiative Pro-Li-Ionen-Batterien.


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